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Gabriel Ortiz brings #GOE to life as the name that defines his musical activity. At an early age he begins to vibrate with his own self-taught compositions and musicalizations based on independent rock, without neglecting sounds inspired by his experiences of the Caribbean and the tropics, typical of living on the Island of Margarita.

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After recording his first EP individually, GOE keeps experimenting and giving life to his own lyrics and sounds that outline him as a promising musician in the scene. His musical evolution leads him to present OKOK, the second record label, which with its characteristic sound is recognized as good homemade music and they participate in a Festival like the New Bands, a platform that recognizes the musical talent of our country.

OKOK is composed of several themes, among which the single "Manglar" stands out, a theme that has been remixed in 2018 and saw light during the month of July, prior to the presentation that qualifies GOE to the final of the New Bands Festival. "Manglar", is lyrics, music and guitar by Gabriel Ortiz; he accompanies him in the bass Juan Diego Buggiani, in the drums Jean Franco Volpe, has the arrangements of Gabriel Ortiz himself and the remix has been made by Juan Carlos Chávez.

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